TRIO Nourishing Argan Oil Cleansing and Organic Rose Water and 100% Pure Argan Oil

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Nourishing Oil Cleansing and moisturizing Organic Rose Water for gentle, effective facial cleansing. The caring result is completed by pure Argan oil.

Pure Argan Nourishing Oil Cleanser's vitamin-rich natural oils cleanse gently, but effectively, while maintaining the skin's moisture balance.The velvety composition nourishes and softens the skin. Suitable for all skin types.
Gently cleanses the face without removing the skin's own protective layer. Also removes eye make-up.
Luxuriously scented and moisturizing Organic rose water completes the cleansing and is good for the skin, naturally. It refreshes, moisturizes and gives the face a beautiful glow. Okabo Organics Organic rose water is a pure, chemical-free natural product. Suitable for all skin types.
Rose water and pure Argan oil work wonders together. The fatty acids and vitamins contained in argan oil are better absorbed by skin moistened with rose water. Both products are pure natural products, do not contain synthetic chemicals but only nature's own elixir. Oil cleansing, Rose water and 100% Argan oil are suitable for all skin types.


Product description

Okabo Nourishing Argan Oil Cleansing consists of natural oils that care for and nourish the skin. It cleans gently without removing the skin's own protective layer. Oil cleansing preserves the skin's moisture balance, softens and strengthens the skin's own resistance. It also regulates the sebum production of the skin. Therefore, oil cleansing is suitable for all skin types, from dry and aging to oily.
After cleansing, the skin feels smooth and soft, and not tight.

Use enough time to apply the cleaning oil, approx. 1-2 min. At the same time, you get a light facial massage, which not only activates the skin's microcirculation and prepares the skin to receive care products, but also ensures that makeup and impurities dissolve properly.


Organic Rose Water is suitable for all skin types and especially treats dry and sensitive skin. It is an ideal moisturizer and brightener for aging skin. A lovely, luxurious rose scent. Does not contain alcohol or preservatives.

The benefits of rose water:
– restores the pH of the skin to normal after cleansing.
– moisturizes and revitalizes tired skin.
– the antibacterial properties of rose water treat small wounds and acne-prone skin.
– fades dark circles under the eyes and removes puffiness of the eyes.
– brightens aging and tired skin.
– can also be used to fix make-up and enhance make-up throughout the day.

100% pure Argan oil is an ideal natural product that treats and binds moisture to the skin. It absorbs quickly and leaves the skin with a beautiful glow. Contains no chemicals, parabens or other preservatives, and nothing artificial. Only 100% natural, healing nutrients for the skin. Argan oil contains plenty of caring and nourishing ingredients: unsaturated fatty acids, sterols, squalene and phenolic compounds, as well as plenty of vitamin E and trace elements.

The package contains the products:



Gently massage 2-3 pumps of oil cleanser for dry face, over makeup. Oil cleansing also removes eye makeup. Wipe the oil off the face and, if you wish, rinse with warm water. Finish the cleaning by wiping the face with a cotton pad moistened with rose water. You can also spray Refreshing Organic Rose Water on a clean face. Bind the moisture of the rose water to the skin by adding argan oil to a damp face. Rose water can also be used to apply light make-up and refresh the look throughout the day.


Nourishing Argan oil cleansing:Helianthus annuus (Sunflower) seed oil*, Oryza sativa (Rice) Bran Oil, Caprylic / capric triglycerides, ARGANIA SPINOSA (Argan) KERNEL OIL*, Papaver somniferum (Poppy) Seed oil, Macadamia ternifolia (Macadamia) Seed Oil*, Ricinus communis (Castor oil)*, Benzyl alcohol, Dehydro Acetic acid, Sorbic acid and Benzoic acid, Grapefruit (Pink) Essential Oil Citral**, Limonene** , Linalool** (**) natural elements of the Grapefruit essential oil.

100% Natural, 56% Organic

Moisturizing organic rose water: Rosa damascena flower water
100% Pure Argan oil: Argania spinosa kernel oil

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