Professor Zoubida Charrouf contributed to establishing the first and biggest female Fair-Trade cooperative society, from which we too purchase our oil. The cooperative societies connect the region’s women that work together to produce Argan oil.

The project has two main goals:

  1. Protecting Argan forests by finding an economical use for the trees and taking back the degraded forestal areas by planting new Argan tree seedlings.
  2. Improving the often poor social and economical circumstances of the women at the countryside.

In the societies, Moroccan women, that oftentimes come from poor backgrounds, break the Argan tree kernels by hand. The production is very slow and laborious: Two business days are required to produce one litre Argan oil. . This alone explains the great value of 100% pure Argan oil.

The cooperative societies make it possible for women to earn their own money and income. They all get a compensation for the exact number of kernels broken. The amount is weighed and filed daily. The cooperatives also offer education for often illiterate women and girls. They have the opportunity to get lessons in reading, counting and simple accounting.

What a benefactor, this oil!

We visit the Cooperatives regularly and make sure everything is as agreed.