Argan oil – Mother Nature’s elixir

Argan trees grow solely at the UNESCO Argan biosphere reserve in Morocco. The trees resemble olive trees: A 50-year-old Argan tree starts to produce fruits that look like large, yellowish olives. The fruits are picked by hand and dried in the sun. The kernel of the fruit is removed by hand as well in order to protect the valuable almond from damages. The almonds are then checked and cleaned before they are finally processed into cold-pressed oil.

Producing one litre of Argan oil takes two business days for one person, 3,5 kg fruit of Argan tree and 2 kg Argan kernels. The Argan oil that is used in cosmetic products is produced differently than the edible oil. Your skin, hair and scalp benefit in many ways of the oil’s various nutritious ingredients and fatty acids that bind moisture.

Argan oil is a versatile and nutritious treatment oil for daily use. This nature’s superfood is loaded with essential fatty acids, antioxidants as well as vitamins E, A and F. It gives a healthy glow for your skin as well as nutrition and a silky shine for your hair.

Our Argan oil is 100% organic, Fair-Trade, Eco-certified, high-quality cold-pressed virgin oil without additives, chemicals or artificial perfumes.

Our products have not been tested on animals.

The versatile and effective oil is suitable for face, hair and nails.

For facial skin::

Prevents the formation of wrinkles, fades out fine lines, protects and binds moisture effectively. Restores elasticity, strengthens the composition of the surface, reduces redness and irritation, fades out acne scars and neutralizes free radicals.

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For hair::

Moisturizes dry scalp, repairs split ends, restores shine and helps remove tangles.

For body::

Protects and nourishes dry skin, fades out stretch marks, relieves sunburns, smoothens calli and cracks in heels.

For nails:

Nurtures and strengthens fingernails and toenails.