Story of Okabo

“I first heard of Argan oil in 2005 on a business trip to France. It was in Paris that I bought my very first Argan oil at a pharmaceutical store. I really didn’t quite understand every word of the French- speaking pharmacist’s bubbly introduction to the oil. Nevertheless, I was promised that the oil would be “extraordinarily moisturizing”. I simply had to find out more.
I realized that I had found something miraculous. Indulgent and gentle on the very first touch – I was instantly thrilled by this oil. It absorbed in a blink of an eye and made my dry skin glow. On my next trip I bought several bottles of Argan oil and even brought it to my friends and family, who also praised the oil for its hydrating effect and lovely feel on the skin.
Soon I started to search the internet and Finnish cosmetic shops for Argan oil. I made some bad purchases, too. You see, there are numerous products that are being marketed as Argan oil yet only contain an extremely poor amount of the oil. I learned to read product descriptions and to always seek for a “100% pure, cold pressed, certified virgin Argan oil”.
When I dived even deeper into the composition and benefits of Argan oil, I became convinced of how good the oil is, not only for the skin’s wellbeing but also for the heart when used as a culinary oil. As for Morocco’s women that often come from poor circumstances, Argan oil has become a blessing.
These values went well with my outlook on life. And so, little by little, I started playing with the thought of making Argan oil available for the women living in Finland. Okabo Organics was born – a cosmetic series specialized in natural and organic ingredients. Our mission is to simplify beauty routines in a natural way, 100% pure Argan oil being our main product and star ingredient.”

With love,