GREEN JADE FACE ROLLER - Jade face roller

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Okabo's natural jade face roller relieves muscle tension in the face and neck area, reduces facial puffiness and improves skin tone by enhancing surface blood circulation.

Guasham has a face lifting and fine line smoothing effect. Regular treatment of the face firms and revitalizes the skin.

The smooth jade stone surface of the facial roller cools and refreshes.

Tip: You can store the gua sha face roll in the refrigerator. The coolness helps reduce facial swelling and refreshes.

We recommend washing the facial roller and guasha spatula with mild soapy water after each use.

Okabo's Gua Sha facial has natural jade from Liaoning province, China.


Okabo's facial roller can be used on the face either after adding argan oil and moisturizer or over makeup throughout the day.

Repeat the scrolls described below at each point 3-5 times

Start rolling with a larger jade roller slightly above the clavicle downwards with light rolling and raise the starting point towards the jawbone one rolling at a time.

Repeat for the other collarbone and throat.

The rolling of the face area is done in almost the same order as the gua sha spatula is used.

Move to the center of the chin with a larger jade roller towards the jawbone. Roll to the left, towards the front of the ear. Repeat the same on the left side of the chin.

Move the roller to the center of the mouth and roll across the bottom of the left cheek, curving towards the left temple. Repeat on the right side.

Move up about a centimeter between the upper lip and the nose and repeat what you just did first on the left cheek and then on the right.

The under-eye circles are rolled very lightly with a narrow roller from the left side of the nose, curved towards the temple. Repeat the same under the right eye.

The eyes are lightly rolled over the closed eyelids with a narrow roller from the root of the nose towards the temple, first the left then the right eyelid.

Turn the larger roller to the root of the left eyebrow and only roll towards the temple. Repeat on the right.

A larger roller is still used in the forehead area. Start drawing from under the left eyebrow up to the hairline. Move to the top of the nose and repeat the strokes. Finally, move under the right eyebrow and repeat.

Finish the treatment by lightly rolling from the middle of the forehead down the sides of the face and neck towards the collarbones, on both sides.

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